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The Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT) is marked with blazes, but consistent with the “minimalist format” for the race, we do not put out supplemental markings.  Runners need to pay attention, especially at key junctions on the trail, or you may wander off course.  By design this is part of the challenge of the event.

The trail is blazed with a variety of markers.  At intersections and other key points along the course, you should encounter the blue SRT disk (pictured).  But in between these intersections, you will need to follow different color paint blazes, including blue, green, lilac (pictured), yellow, pink, and dark green.


For now the SRT ends at Spring Farm in the Mohonk Preserve, however, the race continues for another 6 miles to finish just beyond the Railroad Trestle in Rosendale, New York.  The plan is to officially extend the SRT along this route at some point in the future when remaining land parcels can be acquired.  This section of the course does not have SRT blazes.​

Navigational Tools

To aid you in following the SRT, we provide a variety of tools.

NY-NJ Trail Conference Phone Map

The NY-NJ Trail Conference provides a free navigational app for your smartphone and has created a special version of the SRT map for this race.  We believe this is the most useful and highest-quality navigational tool and strongly recommend this for all participants.  The special map not only shows the entire race course but also includes start points, check points with cut-off times, and other helpful features such as the color of local paint blazes.  The app is simple to use and does not require cellphone coverage.  You can download the free app are here:  Once you have the app installed, visit this URL to download the special SRT Race Map, or you can also download it through the app by searching for "SRT Run/Hike 2022."
















We have created an interactive map that shows the entire SRT which is available here.  This is a great reference for studying the course to identify water sources and other terrain features, and also provides an elevation profile.  You can also follow the race using the AllTrails mobile app (search for “SRT”)




















Gaia and other apps

To use other popular navigation apps, such as Gaia GPS, contact the Race Director.  A link to the GPX file for the course is here:

More detailed maps


The NY-NJ Trail Conference publishes more detailed maps for the Shawangunks, available in paper sets or for download onto the Avenza app, for a nominal cost.  You can order them here

Common navigational errors

Based on phone calls from runners during the race, the most common error is missing the left-hand turn from Old Minnewaska Trail onto Undivided Lot Trail, in the Mohonk Preserve (approximately 1 mile past checkpoint #5).  The turn is marked, but it is easy to walk or run past without seeing the blazes.


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