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Welcome to the
Long Path Race Series

How does the series work?
All runners in this year-long series score points in each race they run based on the race distance, and how their time compares to the winner in their respective division. As an example, if Runner A is a 38 year old male and wins the Catskill Mountain 100K in 9 hrs, 30 mins, he will score 62 points in the Under 40 Male division for that race. If Runner B is a 36 year old male and completes the same race in 11 hrs, 30 mins, he will score 51.2 points (Runner A time/Runner B time x 62). Cumulative points will be tracked for all runners in each division.  At year's end, the winners of each race division will be designated as "Disciples of the Long Brown Path", and given commensurate recognition. 


What are the divisions?
Runners are scored in the following four (4) race divisions:

  • Under 40 Female

  • Under 40 Male

  • Female Masters (40 and above)

  • Male Masters (40 and above)


Do I have to register in order to score points?
No. All runners who compete in designated series races will be scored. 

What's this I'm hearing about coins?
Runners who complete a cumulative distance of 100 race miles will receive a commemorative Long Path Races 100-mile coin. We are presently working on a 250-mile coin, which we hope to have available in 2017 for those who have achieved that mileage level.

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