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Water and Food

Consistent with the “minimalist format,” the runner is responsible for your own nutrition and hydration during the event.  Volunteers and race staff will not provide any food or water during the event.

To prepare for the event, you should review the maps and identify water sources that intersect the course such as streams, rivers, and lakes.  How much water to carry will depend on how much you normally consume, weather conditions, and your assessment of water sources along the route.

We strongly recommend you purify or filter water using one of the many technologies available to do so.

Checkpoints and Cut-off Times

We have six check points staffed with volunteers, whose purpose is to ensure we have accountability for all participants.  When you reach a checkpoint, a volunteer course marshal will write down your bib number and report this information back to Race HQ.  Please do not pass a checkpoint without giving your bib number to the volunteer.  If the volunteer has to leave their station, they will put a clipboard in a visible location where you can sign in.

Cut-off times are listed below.  The purpose of the times is to ensure we keep the field moving toward the finish.  Also, Minnewaska State Park Preserve is closed during hours of darkness, which is the reason we hold up runners entering before first light and have cut-offs to ensure that everyone is out of the park before dark.  All cut-offs are strictly enforced.  There is no grace period.  

70-milers please note, if you arrive at checkpoint #3 prior to 5:00 AM, we will need to hold you up, and then release you at 5:00 AM.  Under our permit, runners are allowed in Minnewaska State Park Preserve only during daylight hours.  Time spent waiting at checkpoint #3 will be deducted from your finishing time.  Please make sure you have warm/waterproof gear to ensure you're comfortable while you wait.  To accommodate faster runners and minimize waiting time at checkpoint #3, we offer a 8:00 PM start option for 70-milers. Late Start requests must be coordinated with and ackowledged by the race director at

Please call or text the the Race Director at 646 784-0341 or Race HQ at 845 235-2788 if you are unable to make a cut-off.  If a runner does not make a cut-off, we will attempt to call or text you and if we do not get through we will immediately alert search and rescue teams and call your emergency contact number.  If you leave the event, you must ensure race staff is aware, otherwise you will create major headaches and imperil other participants who might legitimately need assistance.

Other Safety Considerations

Please carry a cellphone (with appropriate weather protection and extra batteries) so that you can call for assistance should you become lost or injured, or if you elect to drop out.  Cell phone coverage is good along most of the course, however, there are a few spots where reception is unavailable.  In these locations, try texting. 

Everyone should carry lights (headlamp or flashlight), not only the 70-milers who will be running through the night, but also any 30-milers who think there is any chance that they will finish after dark (the sun sets around 7 PM). 

For the latest weather conditions, check Cragsmoor, NY, which is close to the 30-mile start and midway through the course:


Cold and rain.  While September weather is typically mild, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s, runners should be prepared to deal with adverse conditions, especially the 70-milers, including rain and overnight temperatures in the 40s.  We strongly recommend 70-milers carry light-weight rain jackets and an extra warm layer to avoid the risk of hypothermia if you slow down or stop for any reason, including if you arrive at checkpoint #3 prior to 5:00 AM and are held up.

Wildlife.  You should be aware that bear, porcupines, fishers, bobcats, and timber rattlesnakes frequent the area.


Exposure and rocks.  Many areas of the course are covered in Shawangunk Conglomerate, which offers excellent traction when dry, but which can become very slippery when wet.  There are points on the course with moderate exposure where a slip and fall could lead to injury.  Parts of the course are very runnable, and parts have lots of rocks and/or roots and it’s easy to fall or sprain an ankle.  When in doubt, we recommend you slow down and take it easy.

COVID-19 Protocol will be determined according to our permit issuers a week or so prior to race date.


Parking and Buses

Free parking is available at the finish line in Rosendale, however, parking is not available at the start points for any of the divisions.  70-milers please note:  you’ll park in the Joppenbergh Mountain trailhead lot, which is right behind the Rosendale Theater (Click here for Google Maps link).  The bus will pick you up in the next parking lot over behind the Santa Fe Burger pub..

30 Milers and Half Marathoners - Please park tightly when parking at Binnewater Kiln so that we allow room for everyone (including regular day visitors).  If possible, please carpool. Anything we can do to lessen the strain on parking will make for a better experience for all.


We provide a bus shuttle from the finish to the start for each division.  The cost is $20.  If you did not purchase a ticket during registration, please return to the event Store on UltraSignup,, to purchase a ticket. To save the cost of the bus ride, you are more than welcome to have a friend drop you off at the start.


You can check in either at the bus pick-up (for those taking the bus) or at the start (for those getting dropped off).  At check-in you will be issued your bib.  If you need to drop off a small bag at the start, we will drive it to the finish line.  T-shirts will be waiting for you at the finish.

Mandatory gear inspection:  at check in, we will check to make sure you have a cellphone with waterproofing (case or plastic bag) to ensure that you are able to navigate to the finish line and/or call us if you are unable to reach a checkpoint prior to cut-off.

Other Rules

No pacers, crews, or caches are allowed.

Please leave no trace behind.  You must carry all your trash.  Volunteers or race officials will not accept it from you.  Littering is grounds for disqualification.

Spectators are welcome (and encouraged), however they may not provide you any food, water, gear, or other aid besides moral support.

Trail magic:  you may accept food or water provided it is being made freely available to the public.  Support provided by friends, relatives, or crew is grounds for disqualification.


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