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Looking north from the highest point on the Western Ridge Trail
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Our primary goal with the Great Schunemunk Traverse is to create an enjoyable trail running experience for all who choose to join us. And based on the low-key nature of the event, it should be evident that competition is not our highest priority.

However, we do appreciate that there is a pride in most of us that drives us to do our best, and often to be competitive with those who we run with. And since we do give recognition to top runners in the race, we strive to make sure we have it right.

With that being said, an issue came to our attention this week - it was learned that at least two of our runners in the 20-mile race did not run the proper course. Accordingly, we are applying "penalty time" to those runners, which will change the placement of at least one runner as shown in the UltraSignup results.

The nature of the race is partly predicated on the honesty of runners, and although this is difficult to oversee without a vast number of volunteers, or more checkpoints, we will endeavor to do a better job next year of enabling runners to complete the course properly.

Thanks to all for your support, and we sincerely look forward to seeing you in 2020.

The Event

Join us once again to race on one of the most challenging mountains in the Lower Hudson Valley. At the Great Schunemunk Traverse (fka Assault on Schunemunk), you'll conquer Orange County's tallest peak, a spectacular ridge line that features multiple 1000-ft climbs and descents, waterfalls, colorful and jagged puddingstone rock, pitch pines, boulders, and even a swamp that harbors a water-based ecosystem 1200-ft above the valley floor.

Taking place on part of the New York Long Path, the Great Schunemunk Traverse is a member of the Long Path Races, a series of trail racing events designed to celebrate this famous trail.  Here are some great reasons to run the Great Schunemunk Traverse:

• Steep and rugged trails that will challenge even the most experienced runners
• Over 3,500 feet of cumulative gain in the 20-mile race; 1,800+ feet in the 10-mile
• Stunning vistas from all over the ridge line
• Easy access – only 55 miles from NYC
• Festive finish line with great food and drink

Join us in October for this wonderful opportunity to commune with the mountain.

An amazing race in an amazing place!


The Format

The two races are "minimalist" in nature, meaning there will be no supplemental course markings, and in the case

of the 10-mile race, no aid stations. Due to the limited amount of natural water on the course, the 20-mile race will

have one fluid station, located at the southwestern terminus of the ridge.

Runners will need to carry their own food and fluids, and must be experienced at reading a trail map and following colored trail blazes. The races courses will not have any supplemental markings. All participants will be given a course map at race check-in.


The Races

20-MILE Start time: 8:00am

This race takes runners along the entire length of the mountain and

back again. There are three big climbs along the way, including a

menacing rock scramble just before reaching checkpoint #2.  Water

and sports drink will be provided at checkpoint #3, which is your

turnaround point. There are no other aid stations, so you should carry

whatever nutrition you may require, and you should start the race with

a full Camelbak or set of bottles. 

Checkpoint #1:  4 miles

Checkpoint #2:  7 miles

Checkpoint #3:  10.5 miles   (Fluids provided here)

Checkpoint #4:  14 miles

Total Elevation Gain:  3,556 feet

10-MILE Start time: 10:00am

The 10-mile race is the same as the 20-mile race for the first 4 miles, where it then diverges and stays atop the Western Ridge for a short time before descending into Barton Swamp and then climbing again to the Jessup Trail on the Eastern Ridge.  There are no aid stations along this course, so you must carry all the fluids or nutrition that you'll need.

Checkpoint #1:  4 miles

Total Elevation Gain:  1,831 feet


Course Maps & Cue Sheets


For a printable map, click HERE. Or for an interactive map, click HERE 
For a printable cue sheet, click HERE

10 MILE    
For a
printable map, click HERE. Or for an interactive map, click Here
For a printable cue sheet, click HERE


Arrival, Parking & Check-in

Will be on the recreational field of the Black Rock Fish & Game Club.
Arrive by way of Creamery Hill Road. Pass through the gate in the fence and then bear left to park on the lawn.

Race Check-in
20-Mile: beginning at 7:00am
10-mile: beginning at 9:00am

How do I get there?
For location of the race, simply click HERE. The best GPS address is 7 Creamery Road, Cornwall, NY



Top 3 Males and Females in each race will be awarded roses in recognition of Jacob Rose, who led Roosa's Rangers in a legendary revolutionary war battle on Schunemunk Mountain (PS - they lost).



Cancellation Policy


We regret that we are unable to offer refunds in response to

cancellation requests.

Results & Photos

2019   20-Mile   10-Mile
2018   Race not held
2017   20-Mile   10-Mile
2016   20-Mile   10-Mile

2015   20-Mile   10-Mile

Photos    2016   2015


Course Records

20-Mile:   Brian Ibbs 3:23 (2015), Chaiwen Chou 4:51:00 (2015) 

10-Mile:   Philip Shea 1:51 (2015), Francesca Audia 2:03:25 (2019) 

Where To Stay

The following link shows various places to stay in the area of Mountainville/Cornwall:  where to stay

Rock scramble on the Western Ridge Trail

The trail can be damaging !

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