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Catskill Mountain 100K
Road Race & Relay

              August 9, 2020   Phoenicia, NY

2021 Event
West Branch of the Neversink River, along Frost Valley Road


Traditionally, the 100K Catskill Mountain Road Relay (CMRR) has been a relay race featuring 5-person teams where each teammate runs two (2) 10K segments. The event has also historically included "SuperTeams" consisting of 6-10 people, each running one or more of the 10K legs.

As the race has developed since its inception in 1992, it has also intrigued ultrarunners, and in 2011, attracted the first solo runners since race founder Brian Cavanagh ran the entire 100K himself in 2000.

Today, the CMRR, now renamed "Catskill Mountain 100K Road Race & Relay", is more than just a relay. It is still the only 100K relay race in the northeast, and the oldest relay of any distance in the region. And besides being gloriously scenic, it is also arguably the most challenging 100K road ultramarathon east of the Mississippi River. Ultrarunners will revel in the topography of the course, with many gut-busting hills, and a changing landscape that will evoke wonder in the eyes and imagination of the intrepid distance runner.


Run As A Team Or Solo
Relay runners will enter as a team and self-support, as has been the tradition of this longstanding event. And there are no aid stations on the course, meaning that solo ultra runners must also bring crews, even if it's only a crew of one person, thus allowing race staff to focus their attention on the finish line.

The 2018 race brought a record number of registered teams and featured great running weather, allowing several course records to be set, including Cole Crosby's 8:16:16 in the solo division, which translates to an 8:00/mile pace.

However it is you decide to participate, Catskill Mountain 100K Road Race & Relay will be a day of excitement, and one you will remember for a long, long time.  

A Beautiful Run
Begin your adventure on the quietness of Woodland Valley Road in Phoenicia, NY as the birds wake up to the soft babbling of Esopus creek, and the sun rises above the majesty of Mount Tremper. As you continue along, take in the colossal beauty of Balsam, Big Indian and Panther Mountains between 25K and 40K. Drink in the tranquility of Frost Valley as you near the 50K mark, wave to bald eagles as you pass alongside the Rondout Reservoir at 75K, and let the waterfalls be your music as you climb up toward Wagon Wheel Gap (and alongside the earliest runnings of the Rondout Creek) in the final stages of the race.

Join us for a memorable day in the Catskill Mountains!


Race Divisions / Registration Fees

  • Solo Ultra Division - $80

  • 5-Person Relay - $180 per team

  • SuperTeam Relay (6-10 people) - $ 186 for first 6 runners, $31 for each additional runner



Course Details

Start Times

Solo Race - 4:00am
Relay Divisions - staggered start based on each team's estimated time to complete the course. Team start times will be emailed to each captain about a week before the race. There will be 5 waves.

  • Wave 1 - 5:30am

  • Wave 2 - 6:00am

  • Wave 3 - 6:30am

  • Wave 4 - 7:00am

  • Wave 5 - 7:30am

Note: Solo and Team times will not be adjusted if your team shows up late for its start, so be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early in order to avoid a time penalty.  All start times and scoring will be based on the race director's watch.

Course Info, Rules & Race Etiquette

In order to make for the best possible experience at CMRR, it's important to read the "Course Narrative" (found beneath the Course Details menu button) and the entirety of the rules and information below.


Pre-Race Checklist

  • Prepare your vehicles: Most importantly, have a full gas tank and well-functioning brakes.  Note the steep downhills described in the course narrative.  It's recommended that teams travel the course with at least two vehicles. This will allow one car to support your runner while the other drives the next runner ahead to the exchange point to get ready for their leg.

  • Get your supplies: Have coolers with ice, water, sports drink, easily digestible food for the day, picnic food for afterward, cups, litter bag, etc. Additional groceries can be purchased at quickmart stores in Phoenicia and Grahamsville. Stay cool, and remember to drink before you're thirsty.

  • Portable facilities: There are a few port-a-johns along the way (again, see course narrative for specifics), but for the most part it will be port-a-trees and port-a-rocks. BYOTP, and please practice "leave no trace" protocol.

  • Decide on leg assignments: Any relay order is acceptable, just so long as runners run complete 10K legs. On mixed 5-person teams, at least four of the ten relay legs must be run by women.

  • Race Admin: Your team captain needs to have the CMRR Split Sheet ready, should pick up team shirts from race officials at start line, be sure his/her team knows who is running which legs, etc.

  • Extra vehicles:  Don't plan to leave extra vehicles at the start in Phoenicia unless you want to drive a extra 15-20 minutes to retrieve them after the race ends.  You can leave them at at finish line at Davis Park in West Shokan so that they will be there when you're ready to head home.  


During The Race

To make CMRR fun and safe for all, all runners and team drivers will need to do the following:


  • Direct teammates properly at intersections.

  • Before leaving the start and parking areas, make sure you've left no clothing, water bottles or other items behind.  We don't want to litter this beautiful landscape with our trash or leftovers from the day.

  • When pulling over to support your runner or complete a runner exchange, park your vehicle safely off the road and remind others to please do so as well. Use parking areas whenever possible (there are a few along the way) so that runners and vehicles can progress along the route safely. (NOTE: There is no parking whatsoever either in or in front of the cemetery at the 70km exchange point)

  • Runners should reciprocate by staying to the left and maintaining a clear roadway for vehicles.

  • Drive carefully and obey all road signs. Allow time for 20 mph on Peekamoose Rd. (legs 8, 9 and 10).


Race Rules

  1. Runners must run on the left shoulder when on Route 28 or risk disqualification. It is a safety hazard to run on the right side of this 55mph state road. The course is routed through Phoenicia to come out onto the left side of Route 28 so that runners won't have to cross over.

  2. There is no wristband or baton. Runners exchange between legs by slapping hands at exchange areas, which are marked with white paint on the left-hand side of the road at 10K intervals. Exchanging elsewhere makes a team ineligible for awards.

  3. All relay teams must keep track of their own individual relay split times.  A CMRR Split Time Sheet can be downloaded from this link. SCORING SHEET

  4. All support cars and vans must display a "RACE CREW" sign on the left rear passenger window of their vehicle. This rule has been prompted by the local DEC police, who will be actively managing the famous "Blue Hole" area along Peekamoose Rd (at about 83-84K on the course), and do not want cars pulling over to the side of the road unless they are part of our race.  You can download a "Race Crew" sheet to print out HERE.


Time Cutoffs

  • The Relay Team and Superteam divisions are not subject to a hard finish time cutoff, although depending on your arrival time at the finish, we may begin the awards presentations before you get there.

  • The Solo Ultrarunner division carries a cutoff time of 15 hrs, 30 mins. You must reach the finish line by 7:30pm to avoid a DNF.




For all Relay Teams and Solo Ultrarunners, your final 100K race time will be computed by race officials.


Relay teams will be responsible for computing and submitting their 10K split times using the official CMRR Split Sheet.  Completed split sheets should be turned in to the Race Director immediately upon the finishing of your team's race.


Awards and Picnic

After official timing ends and results are processed, awards will be given out to the top team in each category, and to the top Male and Female in the solo division. All solo finishers will receive a finisher's award.

Some food and soft drinks may be provided, but plan to bring a cooler with any specific food or beverages you'd like to partake in afterward at the Davis Park recreational pavilion.

There are bathrooms in the bathhouse building at Davis Park.  Showers and a swimming pool are also available, but if you wish to use them be prepared to pay a small use fee (in recent years it's been $5).


We regret that we are unable to offer refunds for cancellations or no-shows, and appreciate your understanding.

Places To Stay

If you're planning to lodge the night before the race, the night after the race, or both, here are some suggested places for you to explore. Bear in mind that two-night minimums might apply during the summer season:

- Phoenicia Lodge
- Phoenicia Belle

- High Point Mountain House (for groups)  website
- Kate's Lazy Meadow
- Slide Mountain Motel
- Catskills Rose
- Woodland Valley Campground

Race Results & Course Records

2019 Results                  Ultra Division    Relay Division    Team Splits    Race Director's Report   Scott Hayes's Race Report  

Previous Years Results
2018 Results  
               Ultra Division      Relay Division     Team Splits    Race Director's Report
2017 Results                  Ultra Division      Relay Division     Team Splits
2016 Results                  Ultra Division      Relay Division     Team Splits
2015 Results                  Ultra Division      Relay Division     Team Splits
2014 Results                  Ultra Division      Relay Division     Team Splits    

Course Records (since course became 10 equal segments)

  Open            Dashing Whippets Men          6:06:27  (2019)

  Female         Dashing Whippets Women    6:58:22  (2019)

  Masters        Winners Bracket                      6:50:08  (2004)

  Mixed           Harriers Meow Mixed             6:42:39  (2018)

  Superteam  The Lovers                                6:08:55  (2008)

  Male             Cole Crosby                              8:16:16  (2018)

  Female         Jenny Hoffman                        9:49:04  (2019)


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